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Hugo 1 year ago
Yeah l'm probably the tough white cock that is going to get Nia pregnant because she is my personal little doll and she always makes love to my amazing white body, her body is gorgeous too.
ChuckLynch 3 years ago
Nia is getting to the age where she is soon going to want to have a baby! The guy she chooses, whomever it will be, will be one heck of a lucky guy living a dream!
Scream75i 1 year ago
I am totally in love with this young girl.. her face transmits a lot of emotions! her natural tits, and i'm the only one who loved her gorgeous feet?? i would so love to lick nia's feet hmmmm
2 years ago
Had a black assistant that worked for me. Flirted with each other never thought anything of it. One day we were joking she says I want to have your baby. I laughed she said she was serious. We were interrupted but later when she said it again I knew she was serious. Long story short we fucked the next day. 2 weeks later when she was ovulating we fucked every day for a week before work at lunch and after work. Had a beautiful baby girl. We still fuck a few times a month. Best I ever had.
A Fan 3 years ago
I would tongue fuck her for hours than pump that sweet pussy full of my cum
John 2 years ago
I am a white guy with two black kids. She is beautiful.
Aficionado 2 years ago
Nia is so nicely treated by her man John, watch this, guys, and you'll see how to make a lovely woman happy.
hard.hairy.penis 3 years ago
she is so motherfucking gorgeous - and is not 21 yet - what a fucking beauty - she makes my hairy dick 2 feet long
Rurealbad 2 years ago
She needs to be worshipped for that beautiful body, natural breasts and multiple lips. To not abuse but suck and fuckfor hours
1 year ago
Wow, just wow. Truly amazing girl