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Average Dick Owner 2 years ago
Jesus thats just downright degrading lmfao
2 years ago
this guy just can't fuck she's begging for it and he's just standing there..
Hahahahah 2 years ago
Holy fuck is that ever sad I’d shoot myself lol
Calm down 2 years ago
Come on guys, his dick is fine. Its just the girl that wants even bigger
Use your brain at least once people...
Xxx 2 years ago
Maybe she needs a smaller pussy
2 years ago
even if he had a huge dick it's obvious this guy just can't fuck the wifey is all hot begging to be pounded and this gut is just a sad fuck
1 year ago
Why’s everyone so insecure here?
I’m okay with my size personally but I’m no where near these porn star’s. If my lady ever asks for something like this she’s getting it, plain and simple.
Huckleberry 2 years ago
Do these peeps ever reply to comments here with information?
Lolz 2 years ago
Is that a re-usable condom and if that is just to make your cock bigger that is sad if you need that to fuck a chick with
spanish773 2 years ago
not only is ur dick not big enough for her she made herself cum cause u couldnt give her those back shots